Karl in the late '90s
Karl in the late ’90s


These pages will consist of theoretical and practical guidance to the Saab owner who wishes to keep his/her Saab 99/90 roadworthy. We will also show how to modify a 99 into a more modern and refined car, using bits and pieces from Saab 900’s and some other cars. Some of the tips are universal, they apply to all kinds of cars. When servicing or repairing a Saab, it is essential that you have some sort of workshop manual. We will not thoroughly explain the procedure of jobs already covered by these books, but try to fill in where they fall a bit short. Although this homepage is dedicated to the Saab 99, we will look at some details on the Saab 900 as well. The 900 evolved out of the 99, and basically they are similar.


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By "Karl the Mechanic" & friends
By “Karl the Mechanic” & friends

A note from the Webmaster

Welcome to saab99tips.com! Karl wrote this website in the late ’90s-Early 2000s when it was hosted over at GeoCities. It has been a popular website frequently visited by many Saab enthusiasts from all over the world. This was back in the days when publishing to the web required a lot more effort than these days with publishing platforms being widely available everywhere. And although Karl being a practical man but not a computer enthusiast, his efforts to put down man hours in learning HTML and CSS to share his Saab tips and tricks with the world, has always fascinated me. When Yahoo! acquired GeoCities in 2009 the website was taken off the web. After discussing “The Saab 99 Tips Pages” with Karl this website was reborn in June 2018 after I met up with him last summer, and he handed me a USB thumb drive holding a copy of the old website. I’ve moved the pages to WordPress to make the site responsive and mobile-friendly, and Search engine optimization is key here too. The old website is still browseable from the Internet Archive and the last snapshot of the site was taken in October 2009. While we are finalizing the move, you can visit the old pages here.


These days Karl is a busy man (as usual) with many projects including genealogy and family history. Being an logistician at heart, he is often seen driving around in his Volvo truck or his Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (the model with four-wheel drive and automatic transmission) in which he owns a dozens of. We hope you will find the website useful and that you will share your comments with us, so we can continue to improve it.


The Webmaster


All material written is based on self experienced journeys into various car’s anathomy. Following any tip or advice on this webpage is purely at your own risk. The authors here are not to be held responsible for any misconducted self-tamperings.